Learn more about our philosophy and our values. Social engagement is important to us. We would like to introduce you our activities in this kind of area on this page.


We want that our customers get successful in their business processes and models and that our customers can completely focus on their business ideas and on their core business. Therefore, our philosophy is to make progress together with our customers and to be successful together them. This is the reason that we gladly take care of the compilation of the necessary financial accounting work, financial statements and tax returns.

Every day we experience the Globalization in Luxembourg as an international financial location in many areas of everyday life. We at jinfa S.à r.l. are aware of this, so we support our international customers who have already established an office in Luxembourg or plan to establish a company in Luxembourg with our cross-border network of experienced professionals in particular focusing on Germany.

Our objective is to make continual improvements in our efforts to run our business in a sustainable and responsible manner. That is why we rely on regular and in voluntary quality controls by an external company (auditor, – before, during and after our work on financial statements and tax returns.

jinfa S.à r.l. is the first fiduciaire in this size in Luxembourg which is subject to a voluntary quality control by an external company (auditor,

Assignment – independent measures for quality control start with the organization and the service offer. These include, in particular, the guarantee of independence and impartiality as well as the qualification of our employees. Assignment – related quality assurance measures include, for example, the commitment to early involvement of specialists such as IFRS Reviewing Partners, who contribute to compliance with the business’s regulations.

We are jinfa. The word derives from the Chinese language and is a compound of the two chinese words “jin” and “fa” which means something like to “start” and to “make progress”.

Soziales Engagment

We are of the opinion that we should give something back to society. For this reason we involve ourselves in social activities. We currently support the team Team Bananenflanke Trier e.V. a football club for children and adolescents with mental and multiple impairment.

Moreover, we are supporting the Refugee Law Clinic Trier, an association of students from the University of Trier, doctoral candidates and other people who support and help refugees and asylum-seekers with a first free consultation for legal, administrative or other questions and issues (

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