Learn more about our philosophy and values. Social commitment is important to us. We also would like to present our efforts in this area here.


We want our customers to be successful in their business achievements and processes and to be able to concentrate fully and completely on their business idea and core business. Therefore, our philosophy is to move forward successfully together with our customers and we are happy to take over the preparation of the necessary financial accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns for you.

In Luxembourg, as an international financial center, we experience globalization every day in many areas of life. We at jinfa are aware of this, which is why we support our international clients transnationally who have established or are planning to establish themselves in Luxembourg with our network of qualified experts, with a particular focus on Germany.

Our goal is to continuously improve our services. That is why we focus on regular quality assurance measures – before, during and after the execution of annual financial statements and tax returns.

Our quality assurance includes a voluntary external quality control by an external auditor ( jinfa S.à r.l. is the first fiduciaire of its size in Luxembourg to voluntarily participate in an external quality control.

Quality control measures that are independent of assignments are applied to the organization and the range of services. This includes in particular the assurance of independence and objectivity as well as the competence of our employees. The assignment-specific quality control measures for example include the obligation to involve experts such as IFRS Reviewing Partners at an early stage, who contribute to comply with the business regulations.

We are jinfa. Jinfa is a Chinese term and is a compound of the two words “jin” and “fa” which means “new beginnings“ and “progress“.

Social Commitment

We believe that one should always give something back to society. Therefore, we are actively involved in social issues. We currently support  Team Bananenflanke Trier e.V. a football club for children and adolescents with mental and multiple impairment.

Furthermore we support Refugee Law Clinic Trier, an association in Trier consisting of students, postgraduates and other active persons, which offers refugees and people seeking international asylum a first free consultation on legal, administrative or other issues .

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