We co-operate with competent and reliable co-operation partners who enable us to offer you a wide range of services.

Currently, we cooperate with respect to Luxembourg payroll accounting as well as in the frame of a collegial exchange of information with the Fiduciaire Claude Uhres & Cie. S.A.. Claude Uhres and Yvette Ferrari have more than 40 years of professional experience and during this time, they have built up a large network of excellent contacts in all relevant areas within the Luxembourg market.

Due to the importance of cross-border services, we have a close cooperation with our partner accura audit GmbH, represented by the managing partner Michael Jonas.
Dipl.-Kfm. Michael Jonas is German certified public accountant / certified tax advisor and has a focus on an wide expertise in German GAAP as well as German taxes. His service is a combination of audit work as well as tax services for his mid cap clients.

LEONIQ S.À R.L. provides independent industry professionals with several years of professional experience as directors, managing directors, board of director members and liquidators.
LEONIQ S.à r.l. expands the management expertise of your company with skills, experience and competences in the areas of investment management, risk management, compliance, law, taxes and operations. LEONIQ S.à r.l. currently provides their expertise within the framework of management and board of directors mandates with banks, capital management companies, investment funds and other Luxembourg investment vehicles.

Protavis AG is an innovative trust company based in Appenzell that offers comprehensive and practice-oriented fiduciary services (tax consulting, auditing, accounting) for companies and private individuals. As independent, competent and innovative generalists, we support our clients in important decisions in everyday business and private matters.

As an innovative trust company, Protavis AG strives to automate time-consuming and manual tasks as much as possible so that clients can concentrate on their actual business. For this reason, Protavis AG developed an automatic accounting system for its customers that automates and greatly simplifies numerous administrative tasks for small and medium-sized companies.

At the same time, Protavis AG, which is registered with the Swiss Federal Audit Supervisory Authority (RAB) as an audit expert, provides auditing services for corporations, foundations and non-profit organizations.

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